How Much Wire Do You Need For Dog Fence

Keep in mind that the wire you use is Important. Do not be fooled, there is no significant difference in longevity as regards the gauge of the wire used. But there is a significant difference if your wire is Burial Approved or not. Use only long lasting waterproof Polyurethane Coated wire with solid copper core.

Should I Use 18-gauge or 20-gauge wire?

Containment system manufacturers recommend using 20 gauge wire with their systems because the systems are designed to be used with 20-gauge wire. We ship all of our containment systems with Premium, Heavy-duty, 20 Gauge Wire. If you want an additional 500ft. of 18-Gauge with your system, we offer a WIREUPGRADE option, which can be purchased with any containment system. Please see below to determine the proper gauge of wire for your use. Remember, 18 gauge wire cannot be purchased from your local pet store or pe supply catalog.

Review Guide you get from

Use 20-Gauge if:
» You have smooth, loose soil or clay
» You are laying your wire next to a fence
» Your yard has few trees or vegetation

Use 18-Gauge if:
» Rocky soil
» You are installing your wire above ground
» Your yard has many trees

So, with the help of you can come to know how you can use wire for a dog fence no matter which one you are using. You can use it for small dog fence system here.

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