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Queen air mattresses are a great to keep in a home without a guest bedroom. When deflated, queen air mattresses roll into a very compact shape and can even fit into a little bag.

Camping air mattress

However, when they are blown up, an air pump pumps it up with enough air so it feels as if you are lying on an actual queen mattress. The bed can be placed in any room which is large enough to hold it, and the guest will feel like they are right at home. When the guest leaves, the mattress can be stowed away in its small rolled up form.

Queen Camping Air Mattress

Queen air mattresses are great to take to college or away on a cabin vacation because a queen air mattress is so easy to transport and set up. Though it seems large, when deflated and rolled up it is actually about the size and weight of a college text book. With a normal bed, it may require taking apart the bed into individual pieces, then moving the pieces up to a dorm room, and then assembling the bed in the dorm. All of this tedious work can be forgone by choosing the option of using an air mattress. The mattress can just simply be carried in its light and compact form up the stairs, and rolled out onto the floor, plug into the wall and it will inflate.

The Queen air mattress takes about 2 minutes to unroll and about 10 minutes or less to fill up the mattress from the ground to where it is comfortable. After it is slept on for a night, a little bit of the air may get let out of the mattress, so before you get in to the bed, you can plug it in the wall and let it fill up for about 3 minutes or until it feels firm enough to sleep on.

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Queen Camping Air Mattress Review

It is important to keep a queen air mattress away from anything sharp, and if a glass object breaks around the mattress, make sure to roll it up and vacuum the area thoroughly. Anything sharp can put a hole in the mattress and pop it, so it is important to keep the sharp objects away from the area. If the apartment or home you live in has hardwood floors, it would be good to put down a carpet underneath the mattress to protect it from snags in the wood or nails.

Fitted queen sheets fit quite nicely over the top of the queen air mattress, but it is best to buy a sheet which has some give like a cotton sheet rather than a silk sheet. Because the mattress flattens out a bit as it is lied down on, the sheets can stretch out and tear. A sheet which has a flexible material should not rip or stretch. The rest of the bed can be dressed just as regularly as a regular queen bed. Another sheet can be added, a blanket, and lots of pillows.

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